ZETDC will begin the process of updating prepaid meters on November 15th, 2023, in order for the meters to continue taking new tokens. As a result, by November 24th, 2024, all customers will be obliged to update their prepaid meters. This upgrade is being carried out in stages from one location to the next, as directed by ZETDC. When your area is due for an update, you will receive three tokens when you buy units. As a result, buyers are encouraged to enter tokens in the order that they appear when units are purchased. Customers who are having difficulty entering these tokens can contact the call center at ZETDC CONTACT CENTER 704


The upgrade is done as part of the compliance required by the STS system. All power utilities using this system have to do the upgrades by 24 November 2024 to enable their meters to continue accepting tokens.
No. Customers are going to do the upgrades on their own by simply entering a set of tokens that are going to be supplied by the utility when they buy a recharge token. The process will be done once per meter.
All customers with prepaid meters, prepaid meter third party vendors and prepaid meter suppliers and manufacturers.
The exercise will be conducted in a phased manner from one area to another as will be guided by ZETDC. You will get three sets of 20-digit tokens when you purchase electricity, that is, two sets of 20-digit key change tokens and 1 set of 20-digit credit token. As follows:-
Token 1: 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111
Token 2: 2222 2222 2222 2222 2222
Token 3: 3333 3333 3333 3333 3333
These are to be entered in the meter in the order in which they are provided.
The TID rollover key change tokens are entered just like ordinary recharge tokens and are entered one at a time in succession as follows:
The first set of 20-digit tokens is entered and a confirmation is received before entering the second set.
The second set of 20-digit token is then entered and a confirmation is received before entering the third token. Lastly the recharge token (3rd set of 20-digit token) is entered and confirmation is received.
Your recharge token (the 3rd token) will be loaded successfully. If you face challenges entering the tokens contact our 24 hour contact centre on 704.
Your meter will stop accepting credit tokens.
No, you are not required to pay money to anyone for the update. If your meter needs replacement, it will be replaced at ZETDC cost.
No. This is not only unique to Zimbabwe, but it affects all power utilities using STS prepaid meters world over.
The credit on your meter will not be affected and will be available for use after rolling over. If your meter needs to be replaced, the credit will be transferred to the new meter. Customers need to take a picture of their meter screen before entering the key change tokens so that they have a record of the units in the meter before and after the roll over.
Yes. The tokens are accessible from any ZETDC vending office or online self-service portal. You will only need to supply your meter number to access the token.
No. You are only expected to do the key-change process only ONCE.
No, you need to enter all unused credit tokens before you enter the key change tokens.
Note you are not supposed to pay anything for meter update !!

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