Lets Get Rolling !! Prepaid Meter Upgrade!!

Its time to upgrade your Prepaid Meter Software. Ensure you have upgraded your meter by 30 June 2024 or you will not be able to recharge when you run out of electricity units(kwh).

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  • Our Mandate

    To ensure the reliable and efficient supply of electricity to consumers across the country. This includes managing the transmission infrastructure, maintaining power quality and stability, and promoting the sustainable use of electricity.

    Our Mandate
  • Services

    1.line and substation construction
    2. Line and substation maintenance
    3. Energy efficiency audit
    4. Work on consumer installations
    5 Transformer oil testing
    6. Testing of Protection systems

  • Services

    7. Protection relay testing and Maintenance
    8. Power systems protection systems
    9. Infrared thermography
    10. Statutory Inspections
    11. Electricity Wheeling Services
    12. Energy banking


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    About Us:

    The Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution Company’s (ZETDC) business is the distribution and retail of electricity to the final end user.

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